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Welcome to our gallery.  Here you can find pictures of our markets and products.

Rochester Farmers Market
Thames Ditton Market
Thames Ditton Turkey
Bacon preparing to be sliced
Slicing Oak Roasted Salmon
Preparing for Market
Pheasant Sausages
Our Table at Thames Ditton
Our Table at Thames Ditton
Some of our Wild Boar Sausages
Some Stock From Thames Ditton
Duck Sausages
Thames Ditton Market
Guinea Fowl and Ginger Sausages
Some of our stock at Thames Ditton
West Malling Farmers Market
Wild Boar Sausages
Thames Ditton Farmers Market
Julia and Son. Special Event.
Samples always available
Brede Farmers Market
Thames Ditton Farmers Market
Oak Smoked Back Bacon
Herrings becoming Kippers in the Smo
Oak Smoked Scottish Salmon
Oak Roasted Scottish Salmon Fillet
Oak Smoked Mussels
Oak Smoked Chicken Breast
Oak Smoked Duck Breast
Oak Smoked Back Bacon
Oak Smoked Streaky Bacon
Hand Sliced Gravlax
Oak Smoked Trout
Oak Smoked Trout Fillets
OAk Smoked Mackerel and Sardines
Preparing the smoker with sawdust
Scottish Salmon
Smoking away
MAckerel in the Smoker
Lemon and Parsley Mackerel Fillets
Smoked Garlic
Oak Smoked Toulouse Sausages
Smoked Chillies
In the Smokery
Trout Fillets
Oak Smoked Sardines
Whole Smoked Trout
Streaky Bacon ready for slicing
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