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  • Smoked/Unsmoked Back Bacon

  • Smoked Collar Bacon

  • Smoked/Unsmoked Streaky Bacon

  • Smoked Bacon Joints

  • Smoked Lardons

  • Smoked/Unsmoked Bacon Chops

  • Smoked/Unsmoked Gammon Steaks

  • Smoked/Unsmoked Gammon Joints (different sizes)

  • Salt Beef

  • Smoked/Unsmoked Gammon Hock



  • Smoked Toulouse Sausage

  • Smoked Chorizo Sausage

  • Smoked Chicken Breast

  • Smoked Duck Breast

  • Gammon Ham

  • Honey Glazed Ham

  • Smoked Gammon Ham

  • Ham Trimmings


  • Black Pudding – Sliced, Ring

  • White Pudding -1/2 or whole Ring/Stick

  • Smoked Cheddar Cheese

  • Smoked Mozzarella

  • Smoked Stilton


Meat Pate

  • Duck and Orange

  • Farmhouse

  • Ardennes

  • Chicken Liver

  • Brussels

  • Venison, Pheasant, Wild Boar (seasonal)

Smk Back Bacon .jpg


  • Smoked Scottish Salmon – 100g packs, 200g packs,1kg sides (dependent on availability)

  • Hand Sliced Gravlax – Plain, Gin and Lemon, Beetroot and Orange (other flavours can be requested)

  • Dill Sauce (Great with Gravlax)

  • Smoked Mackerel – Whole, Fillets (Plain/Peppered/Lemon Pepper)

  • Hot Smoked Trout – Whole, fillets

  • Cold Smoked Trout – 100g pack

  • Oak Roasted Salmon (Hot Smoked) – Plain, Sweet Chilli

  • Smoked Kippers/Fillets

  • Smoked Eel fillets

  • Smoked Halibut

  • Smoked Cod Roe

  • Smoked Mussels

  • Smoked Prawns


Fish Pate

  • Smoked Mackerel and Horseradish

  • Smoked Trout and Chive

  • Smoked Salmon


All products are subject to availability. We can take orders on all products or if you need something specific not listed, please send us a message and we can discuss what you require. Please note we need a minimum of a weeks’ notice for specific orders.

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